Discharge unit is located in the central corridor of the first floor and Performing patient Discharging services, providing patients' bills and calculating hospital costs, as well as outpatient and clinic fees, are based on the Ministry of Health and Medical Education approved tariffs by the unit from 7:30 am.The list of fees and tariffs approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education is available at the Admission and Discharging unit. Discharging guide for hospitalized patients: After performing the necessary treatment and proceeding, if you have relative alertness and recovery, the patient's financial accounting process is done as follows:

Step Action Responsible Location
First Control and complete of records and document, register of services in the system Nurse/ Secretary Hospital section
Second Transfer the patient's file to the discharge unit Service staff  ----------------
Third Control the cost of documents and register them in the system  Discharge Staff  First Floor
Fourth Inform the patient or patient companion him to visit the fund  Nurse First Floor
Fifth Refer to the Fund to settle the bill and get a Discharge sheet  Patient companion First Floor
Sixth Control the patient discharge sheet  Nurse Hospital section
Seventh Deliver the discharge tab to the exit gateway  Patient companion Exit gateway