The History of Razi Clinic

In recent years, medical technology and ophthalmologist technology have been making a lot of progress and with the help of inventions, new technology and new equipment have been instrumental in the treatment of various eye diseases. In this context, our country has enjoyed significant progress alongside other countries of the world and Iranian active experts who have mastered the modern science of ophthalmology and the use of the latest facilities and equipment have enjoyed a high academic rank in the world especially in the middle East and have been able to name the country of Iran in the field of ophthalmology of the region and the world by executing surgeries of the highest quality and the least complications.

Razi ophthalmology center started its activities in 1994 with the aim of serving the patients with the quality and most reliable services. This center with the presence of qualified ophthalmologic professors of Iran, has been able to offer favorable treatment to Iranian and non-Iranian fellow citizen and has always maintained its superiority in the country and region in all scientific, technological and technological fields.

Razi ophthalmology center is proud to take effective steps to improve the provision of ophthalmology services and patient’s comfort and confidence and by trying to improve vision and consequently, improve the lives of patients, it is clear that trying to increase the expectation of people from the ophthalmic community. It is hoped that with help of God in this path we will always have a positive and fruitful movement