Award and Achievements

  1. It is the first ophthalmologic center of the country with international medical admission from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  2. It is the first ophthalmologist of the whole country and one of the most well-known active centers in the country.
  3. Razi ophthalmology is considered as the first ultra-specialized center to receive Iraqi citizenship and is a reputed medical center among Iraqi patients.
  4. It is the first center equipped with ECP laser devices, which surgeries in the field of glaucoma, have treated many patients with this laser.
  5. Razi ophthalmology center is one of the surgical centers with advanced Professors in this field and has advanced and modern devices of retinal / corneal / strabismus / eyelid and tear ducts.
  6. The staff of Razi ophthalmology center  with sufficient experience and skill in the scrub of the above-mentioned practices serve the coronary-retinal-glucoma-phyco-strabismus-strabismus transplantation and cosmetic surgery of the eyelids.
  7. The activities of the professors named University of Tehran and the group of Ophthalmologists of Farabi Hospital in this center are among the great honors of the Razi Ophthalmology Center.
  8. It is The first center that  Performing  Femto SMILE surgical technique to correct refractive errors